Apr. 12, 2021

New project for Camp NaNoWriMo: Possession & Exorcism - An Exploration

Current Project for Camp NaNoWriMo:
Working foundation - This nonfiction work is an overview of possession and exorcism, including the history of such and exploration into the facts and fiction surrounding the phenomena.
Rather than a religious view, this book will primarily come from an outsider point of view, with heavy elements of psychology as it pertains to the individuals involved (both clergy and non-clergy), as well as the societal impact and mythology surrounding possession and exorcism
Those who know me well are aware of my decades-long fascination with possession and exorcism. Besides true crime, I've probably spent more time reading about and/or studying information and case histories about possession and exorcism than almost anything else.
As you'll discover in this manuscript, it all started with me at nine years old when The Exorcist was released in movie theaters. My interest in abnormal psychology -- and even psychology in general -- fueled this even more.
Stay tuned for more updates regarding this project. And while I'm at it, I am searching for experts and interviewees relating to these subjects. If you have experienced possession and/or exorcism and are willing to share your experience (I will keep your name and location anonymous, of course), please reach out to me via scribequill@gmail.com or message me through my author Facebook page at
Bev Walton-Porter, Author