May. 19, 2020

The Simple Joy of Writer's Digest Magazine

It's been years since I had a subscription to the actual print version of Writer's Digest Magazine. I first became a reader of WD around 1986 (!!). I had an article published in it back in 1997 (under Bev Walton-Porter).
Then, in 2005, Writer's Digest Books offered me a contract to publish my first solo book, Sun Signs for Writers. I received a $5,000 advance and the book was published in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This was instrumental in signing with my first literary agent, Meredith Bernstein, who runs a well-known literary agency in New York City.
While it's a minor thing to most people who have NO idea what Writer's Digest Magazine is, it's a huge source of happiness to once again have a fresh print magazine from them in the mailbox every month.
It's the small things in life that can often make the difference. To me, this is one of them.