Mar. 30, 2020

[My COVID-19 Diary]: Two weeks in and not much has changed


Paul & I began our self-quarantine a couple of weeks ago. I was already in self-imposed isolation since the 1st of December, but he started working from home about two weeks ago.

Nothing is different for us since we already spent almost 24/7 together anyway. We had already started having our groceries delivered due to our late-night work schedules.

We both work here, but we have separate workspaces. He has his own office (spare bedroom) and I prefer to work out in the living room, not far from the fireplace and only a few steps away from the coffee pot.

I know some people are having a difficult time being with their loved ones in such close quarters nearly 24/7, but we are used to it since we have done it for years. There's nobody I'd rather spend time with than each other; I think that's the key.

The dogs, of course, are beside themselves with delight that we are home with them all the time -- just like we were for the two years we lived in the RV. These floofers couldn't be happier.

Things you learn from this type of situation:

  • You learn to appreciate simplicity.
  • You learn to sit with yourself (however uncomfortable that might be at first).
  • You learn to see the other person as multi-dimensional and delightfully imperfect.
  • You learn that while you are together, you are also independent individuals.
  • You learn the ebb and flow of working at home and -- surprisingly -- how you become more productive when you are alone and not in an office full of people.
  • You learn to appreciate silence and the absence of social cacophony.
  • You learn about yourself. Or, perhaps, you re-learn who you are and rediscover parts of yourself that you'd forgotten or tried to hide from yourself.
  • You learn that you can run away from a lot of things, but you can never truly escape yourself.
  • If you're fortunate, you learn to love the more difficult parts of yourself -- as well as others who are quarantined with you.
  • You learn these things and many others besides.

There are blessings and lessons in this rare, unexpected time of social distancing & quarantine. It's up to you to recognize them and meditate on their meaning.

Stay safe and healthy, friends.