Apr. 27, 2018

Twenty-one years of gratitude

It's nearly May. As of next month, I will mark 21 years as a professional writer and editorial service provider. It's my life's work and always will be.

These days, I'm focusing on my own writing after spending a great number of years editing mostly other people's writing. I enjoy working with other scribes; however, I made a promise to myself the end of last year that, in 2018, I would devote most of my energy to writing for myself – not just for pay, but for personal gratification as well. It's a gift to myself, and I damn well deserve it.

I've always found solace in words. They're an unending source of comfort, they're my truest love, and they're an unquestionable rock of stability providing strength throughout my life, regardless of the trials or tribulations I've slogged through. From a young age, words were always there for me. They've never abandoned me, and they never will.

Wherever I go, words are with me. Inside of me. Living, breathing, and blooming from my heart and soul. If you read my words, you will know who I am, just as you will know any other writer/author from his or her words.

To delve into the psychology of any writer, read their poems, stories, articles, or books. Doesn't matter if the work is fiction or nonfiction. They all leave clues about their creator if you investigate deep enough.

My adopted father, Leo C. Walton, Sr., taught me the love of words and books from the time I was a wee girl. I had a beloved Dandelion Library, and he read to me every night. This is why I use Bev Walton-Porter as my primary author name. I made the decision to honor my father because, had he not taught me to be an avid reader, I'm not sure I would've had the curiosity or courage to become a professional author, freelance writer, and editorial service provider.

Many of the friends I have today started out as editing clients or students in my online courses many years ago. My life has been enriched by every single one of them. Turns out, I've learned more from them than they ever learned from me!

Why am I posting this? I'm not sure. Except that I feel gratitude toward the many people who've supported and encouraged me throughout the past 21 years. Even if it's in a seemingly insignificant way.

Nothing is insignificant when it comes to people and relationships, even if the connection is as slight and delicate as a gossamer thread spun by a random arachnid. For good or ill, every interaction leaves an imprint on your life and affects you in some way, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

So, as much as I claim to be a misanthrope, without people – and especially loved ones – there would be no Bev Walton-Porter. Or books, or writing, or publishing, or creation of anything.

For whatever it's worth, THANK YOU ALL for being my family, being my friends, being my enemies, being supporters/encouragers, being readers, being PRESENT in my life at some point, however peripheral it may seem.

Finally, thanks to all of those who DIDN'T believe in me way back in May 1997 when I took the first steps toward becoming a professional writer, author, and editorial service provider. Your cynicism and doubt helped motivate me, acting as powerful fuel over the past 21 years. I like to give credit where credit is due, after all. 😉