Sep. 1, 2017

Life is hard. Let's deal with it together, as writers and human beings.

I write under the names Bev Walton-Porter and Star Ferris, but they cover very different genres. If you've only known my work under Star Ferris as strictly women's fiction, think again. My focus has now shifted to include salient work addressing real-life situations, not just fictional ones.

Life is hard. Life is challenging. Nobody is perfect. 
We can – and must – learn from one another in order to thrive.

To visit my updated and evolving page, visit the link below. It's not just for writers and readers anymore, but for humans in general:

Words can't fix everything in your life, but they CAN offer a jumping-off point for focus, discernment, and coping with everyday challenges. Words and writing are cathartic. They are essential resources in your toolbox for navigating this experience called life. Let's use them as such.

From here on, you'll still see occasional writing-related posts on my Star Ferris Facebook page. But you'll notice more posts about mental health, encouragement, motivation, positive psychology, writing as catharsis, and creative communication. I'll also share information about the new and expanding field of bibliotherapy, in addition to other related areas.

On a final note, I am also the owner and admin of Totally Psyched, a page devoted to all areas of psychology. It's open to the general public as well as those who, like me, are pursuing higher education in various areas of psychology (my academic focus is Forensic Psychology with an emphasis on Victimology). I hope you'll join us over there as well: