Jul. 29, 2017

[Book excerpt] One Strange Kid: Basements and Bedtime Fears

Here is a short excerpt from my upcoming book, Living a Paranormal Life: Experiences with the Other Side. I've revised the original manuscript because it was going to be a larger book than intended. This means the additional material will be used in a second book about the paranormal.

Also: new book cover!

"To confirm the strength of my imagination, the pediatrician told my mom that she shouldn’t let me watch anything even remotely scary—not even the cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost. Yeah, I know. How is that scary? I never thought it was frightening, but apparently he was worried about me being exposed to ghosts, ghouls, or anything that went bump in the night. These days I wonder what he’d think if he knew I grew up to be a writer who loves horror stories and investigating the paranormal. Keeping me away from that stuff only lasted for a while."

Click here to read the full excerpt.