Client Recommendations/Testimonials

From an editing client:

"Best. Editor. Ever.

I highly recommend you. I had a negative experience with a freelance editor about seven years ago, during the early stage of writing Demanzy. I realize at that time I wasn't ready for a copy edit and many of her criticisms were valid, but her general dismissiveness was very discouraging. Coupled with a literary agent who tore me to shreds during a pitch, I almost gave up. I value now those experiences (sort of) and see the criticism as valid and it helped me find a better story, but for seven years my confidence froze. Almost gave up.
After seven years of rewriting, I decided to find an editor again to help with the story. In the spring, I did a manuscript evaluation with Teen Eyes Editorial (my editor was 19!) She did a good job and gave some positive feedback. Then I found you. I didn't think an editor like you existed. Not to knock other editors, but you are crazily good. Could an editor be so personable, professional, non-pretentious and talented? That was you. My novel was on life support, almost flat-lining, until you did your editorial magic. 
Kindest Regards,
Luke Corrigan (Canada)"
From an editing client: 

"Bev Sninchak at The Nocturnal Editor came highly recommended when I needed someone to edit my manuscript. Not only is she prompt and efficient, but the feedback and friendly advice she provided exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use her services again."

Stephanie Van Auken
Author, Death and Dreams

From a proofreading client:

"The word 'lifesaver' comes to mind when I think of Bev, but that is an understatement. I am so lucky to have met and dealt with her during a grueling Spring 2017 semester in graduate school. Super prompt, awesome feedback, and an incredible eye for detail with all my submissions, which included three, six-page book reviews, a research paper of twenty pages, and a historiography of thirty. I highly recommend her; I will continue to utilize her services going forward. Thanks, Bev, I got three A's!." 
Jeannette Portuondo, Miami, FL

From an editing client:

"I first contacted Bev Walton-Porter at Abraxas Editing to help me polish a query letter for my latest novel. Using her expertise of the publishing industry, she did an excellent job with my query letter. So well, in fact, that I asked her to do a final proof on my manuscript. She was very attentive and caught many things I'd missed after many hours of revision. She listened to my concerns and was careful not to alter the voice of my work. Her suggestions were extremely helpful. She made it clear they were only suggestions, and that the author has the final say on his or her work. Needless to say, the query letter and final proofing she did for me has generated more agency interest for my work than ever before! She was highly professional, super easy to work with, and her editorial services were very reasonably priced. I would recommend Bev and Abraxas Editing to any writer serious about presenting their work to the publishing industry, or to the public in general."
—Byron Suggs
Author, Cold Currents 

From an editing colleague:

"I’ve worked with Bev on more projects than I can count over the past two years. She’s wonderful to work with: organized, timely, thoughtful, accurate, and encouraging. When there was a difference of opinion, she presented options. When there was a delay or an error (It happens, you know), there was forewarning and quick resolution. She’s creative and funny and professional; an unusual and effective combination."
—Kathy Anderson

From an editing client:

"I have never met Bev in person, but she is more than my editor, she is my friend. Bev took a chance on my writing when I was just out of high school, and now (over ten years later) worked countless hours on my new novel, Death of the Body (Crossing Death #1).

Bev’s work was so good that my formatter asked about her. The formatter was surprised that Bev’s edit extended beyond grammar, spelling, and content editing, and included layout and styling that made the formatting job easy.

The editing was flawless. In fact, any mistake I have since found in the book has been checked against Bev’s original edit and was introduced to the manuscript after (oops).

Let me give you the best recommendation I possibly can: I wish I could be writing fast enough to employ Bev full-time, chained to a desk, feverishly editing my work, 24/7. I want to keep her fully to myself, way overpay her (she has beyond reasonable rates, FYI), and never let her talents be used for the good of someone else. Ok, ok. That’s only partly true, Bev needs to be shared with the world. As selfish as I would like to be with her time and talent, hire her, and you’ll see what I mean."
—Rick Chiantaretto
Author, Death of the Body series

From a writing colleague:

"Bev is an excellent writer. I'm especially fond of a terrific book she wrote, Sun Signs for Writers. I recommend her and her work very highly." 
—Author Barbara Ardinger

From an editor I managed:

"Bev managed me as an editor in 2012, where she was highly competent in her role as edit manager. She was quick to reply and always congenial, even though her workload was challenging. Given my positive experience, I look forward to working with her in the future."
—Zaher Karp
Editor, writer, researcher, project manager