Need a professional & affordable freelance writer or copy editor? I can help!

I’ve been a professional writer and editor since 1997. If you have a book manuscript that needs polishing, I can assist you. You’ll get a professional copy edit or proofread at a reasonable price. Plus, I tell great jokes if you catch me on the right day. ;-) I may also share virtual coffee, tea, and chocolate, depending on your preferences.

But seriously, if you’ve written something for publication and you need a professional edit or proofread without a lot of hassle and without busting your budget, I’m your best choice.

Not sure if you need copy editing or proofreading? Here’s a link that will help you make that determination: 

Once you’re clear on what you need, here’s what I charge for the services I provide:

Copy editing – $2 per double-spaced page (must adhere to standard ms. format)

Proofreading – $1.50 per double-spaced page (must adhere to standard ms. format)

Coaching sessions for writers (Skype or telephone) – $20 per half-hour session

Professional writing courses – $20 per week and up. Go here for more info:

* I am NOT a literary agent.

Anything else I might agree to do for you – $25 per hour

(Hint: paying a flat fee is easier on your wallet).

Before you contact me, please note:

* I’m an editor and proofreader, not a ghostwriter. I will NOT rewrite or write your manuscript.

* I’m not your therapist. I will edit or proofread your manuscript.

* If I don’t know you well or you’re not a close friend, please do not friend me on Facebook.

* I do not work for free or for a promised share of royalties.

* A deposit of half my editing or proofreading fee is expected up front.

* You are paying for my time as well as my knowledge and expertise.

* I work during the week, but not on weekends.

* Rush jobs are not welcome. I don’t do rush jobs. I often work with more than one client at a time and I won’t cut corners for existing clients to satisfy rush jobs.

* I’m a nice, patient person under most circumstances. Do not take advantage of my jocular nature ;-)

If you have other questions, drop me a line.

If you think we’ll make a good fit, proceed to the info below.

Ready to get started? E-mail me at or
I’ll need no fewer than five pages of your work to determine if I will agree to edit or proofread it. Unfortunately for some people, but fortunately for me, I have minimum standards for manuscripts I will edit or proofread. To get a clue what those standards might be, see this post:
Updated 01.11.19