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For over two decades I've written numerous articles, reviews, features, blogs, and other content. My work has been featured both in print and online hundreds of times.

While not all my publication credits can be listed here, if you are looking for a freelancer to provide content for your blog, website, or organization, the featured work below will give you a feel for the type of writing I do (as well as my style and voice).

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4 Tips for Writing Query Letters to US Publishers - writing.ie (Ireland)


Overcoming Obstacles through the Power of the Pen - WritersWeekly.com - 04/02/2008

Business/Social Media/Internet

Using Your Social Media Profiles to Address Negative Customer Feedback - evancarmichael.com


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3 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs – Sky-liners.com - 04/14/2017

Ready to Move to Thailand? Here's What You Need to Know – Live and Invest Overseas – 03/24/17 – //www.liveandinvestoverseas.com/country-hub/thailand/move-to-thailand.html
3 Tips for Ensuring You Stay at an Eco-Friendly Hotel or Resort - Keen for Green Blog - 11/18/2013

Upcycling vs. Recycling: What's the Difference? - Keen for Green Blog - 08/13/13



Bacterial Apocalypse: One More End-of-the-World Scenario to Worry About - Before It's News - 05/15/15



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Computer Tablet Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for Job Interviews - Secrets of the Job Hunt - 01/28/14


How Much Importance Should Be Placed on a Job Candidate's Educational History? - Secrets of the Job Hunt - 01/27/14


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Creating a Budget for Your Job Hunt? Sounds Crazy, But a Good Idea - Secrets of the Job Hunt - 10/03/13


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